About Trams-Action

Trams-Action, is a Wellington based public transport advocacy group that supports extension of the suburban rail system through the CBD and beyond using modern trams (light rail).

Trams-Action considers that the use of modern trams (light rail) along the core Wellington CBD spine is inevitable, because of the capacity and connectivity to the wider region they offer.

We consider tram-train to be the most suitable form of light rail transit for the Wellington region because it can operate both on city streets and on rail lines that are used also by "heavy rail" trains. Light rail, operating as tram-train, would allow the continuous running of rail services on the existing rail network through the CBD to the south and ultimately to Wellington airport.

  • Trams-Action is registered as a charitable trust, Trans-Action, with a small group of trustees.
  • Brian Jameson is the Chair and Brent Efford is our Information Officer