Make Light Rail for Wellington a Reality

Wellington is among those cities that are particularly well suited to light rail (also known as modern trams). With light rail completing the Wellington suburban rail network – by extending through the CBD and to the Hospital and Airport – the city and region will benefit in three main ways; improved transport services, a better environment and economic development.

Until recently, the term "light rail" in Wellington always meant what is now called tram-train: running trams on the suburban rail network and along the Golden Mile and then to the Hospital and Airport. We believe this traditional vision of "light rail" with an unbroken public transport spine offers the greatest benefits for our region of half a million.

This website explains the benefits of light rail for Wellington and its region and what it would cost.


Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade Brown’s 2010 election stand on light rail

"If I'm elected mayor, I intend to construct a world-class light rail system for Wellington. The new light rail line will run from the railway station to Courtenay Place ..., onwards to the hospital and Newtown, through Kilbirnie to the airport. I intend to complete the planning in my first term ... and to see the system complete by 2020."